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Everything we do evolves around our experience and skills. We proud ourselves of being able to provide a full range of services covering most of ordinary and extraordinary needs of Institutional, Corporate and HNWI Clients. We have our focus and we strive to keep our offer consistent And we have our best in class

  • (RE) Asset Backed Securities

    Securitisation is the issuance of debt certificates that are secured by cash flows from different kinds of assets. Hence the issued securities are called Asset-Backed Securities (ABS). In essence a pool of payment claims are packaged and are made to securities in order to create a secondary market for the underlying receivables or other various illiquid assets. Broadly, any asset which produces a predictable and dependable income stream or receivable can be securitised. Because income will be required to service interest payments due on the securities, the existence of a steady or predictable income stream is a fundamental requirement. Whilst it is probably fair to say that the majority of Asset-Backed Securitisations are supported by mortgages loans, the market is seeing more and more transactions which are based on true real estate. Real Estate Securitisation describes the financing of property through the securitisation of real estate cash flows and property values without the bank as a lending intermediary. Real Estate Securitisation is a classic case of a desintermediation in the real estate lending industry.

    We focus our attention to Real Estate ABS because they offer a solid collateral to the secondary market for investors are always willing to get a higher return for the same amount of risk.

  • Alternative Investments Funds (AIF)

    Alternative Investment Funds are defined as all funds that are at present not harmonised under the UCITS Directive. Typical examples of Alternative Investment Funds are:

    • Hedge Funds
    • ABS Funds
    • Private Equity Funds
    • Forex Trading Funds
    • High Frequency Trading Funds
    • Automated Trading System Funds
    • Commodity Funds
    • Real Estates Funds

    All EU domiciled Alternative Investment Fund Managers with assets under management above the threshold of 100 million EUR or, in case of AIF with no leverage and lock-in period of 5 years or more, above the threshold of 500 million EUR need to be authorized by the home Member State competent authority (CA) and subject to ongoing requirements. All Alternative Investment Fund Managers operating in the EU are required to demonstrate that they are suitably qualified to provide AIF management services and are required to provide detailed information on the planned activity of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers, the identity and characteristics of the AIF managed, the governance of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers (including arrangements for the delegation of management services), internal arrangements with respect to risk management, arrangements for the valuation and safe-keeping of assets, audit arrangements, and the systems of regulatory reporting, where required. In our Analysis&Design we mainly focus on Private Label Umbrella AIF As a Private Label Umbrella SICAV, each sub fund can be fully customised and designed by the promoter. Private Label SICAVs are well suited for the following purposes:

    • Hedge fund managers
    • Smart fund managers
    • Traders
    • Private equity / VC managers
    • Real Estate managers
    • Wealth managers
    • Family offices

    Our SICAVs are fully compliant with European standards and regulation.

    Each sub fund comes with a full range of optional services, from A(sset Management Advisory) to Z(ero risk).

  • Master Feeder

    Master Feeder

    The master-feeder structure allows asset managers to capture the efficiencies of larger pools of assets although fashioning investment funds to separate market niches. One or more investment vehicles pool their portfolio within another vehicle – i.e. there are several smaller feeder funds and one master to which they contribute. Sometimes, especially when the feeders are hedge funds, this is a way of complying with the distinct legal systems of distinct jurisdictions. In other words, there will be an onshore feeder and an offshore feeder to the same master portfolio.

    Master Feeder Structure is well suited for the following purposes:


    Each sub fund comes with a full range of optional services, from A(sset Management Advisory) to Z(ero risk).