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We have developed and adapted the ADDIE Model to the Financial Industry to better identify and design complex structures.

IFP Group uses the ADDIE Model Standard to perform its Analysis&Design. ADDIE Model is an Instructional Systems Design (ISD) framework developed by Florida State University for military interservice training, to better design learning contents, build effective training and performance support tools.

  • Analysis Phase

    Analysis Phase

    The analysis phase clarifies the problems and objectives, and identifies the environment and client's existing situation. Typical questions to be addressed during A phase are:

    • Who are the clients and what are their characteristics?
    • What is the desired new behavior?
    • What types of constraints exist?
    • What are the delivery options?
    • What are the financial and business considerations?
    • What is the timeline for project completion?
  • Design Phase

    Design Phase

    The design phase deals with objectives, assessment instruments, subject matter analysis, project planning, and selection of vehicles. The design phase should be systematic and specific. Systematic means a logical, orderly method of identifying, developing and evaluating a set of planned strategies targeted for attaining the project's goals. Specific means each element of the instructional design plan must be executed with attention to details

  • Development Phase

    Development Phase

    In the development phase, designers and developers defines the characteristics of the selected veichles blueprinted in the design phase, arranges the setup and supervise it. The project is reviewed and revised according to feedback.

  • Implementation Phase

    Implementation Phase

    The implementation phase develops procedures for the designed plan to be executed as well as operative guidelines. Implementation includes evaluation of the design. This is also the phase where the project manager ensures that all the pieces are in place.

  • Evaluation Phase

    Evaluation Phase

    The evaluation phase consists of two aspects: formative and summative. Formative evaluation is performed in each stage of the ADDIE process, while summative evaluation is conducted on finished programs or products.

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IFP Group uses the ADDIE Model Standard to perform its Analysis&Design.

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